Retailer of the Year Awards

2019 saw the launch of our Retailer of the Year Awards, created to recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements a major retailer has played in helping to educate consumers about natural and organic produce, growing the market and taking the sector from niche to mainstream.

Natural Retailer of the Year

Winner: Life Europe AB

This year, Life Europe AB celebrated being in business for 25 years – a big milestone for one of the most influential and best-known names in the Swedish and Scandinavian self-care and health retail scene.

From small beginnings, our winner has gone on to play a role in transforming Sweden’s self-care and specialist health retailing sector – soon spreading its mission of helping its customers ‘find balance’ in their lives to Norway and Finland too, with the help of its trusted store advisers.

As well at the vital role it plays in health and wellbeing scene at the community level, our winner has a very visible profile in national and international projects. It has been national health sponsor to the Swedish Cross Country Skiing team since 2009 and its familiar logo has featured in countless TV broadcasts. It is also the proud sponsor of long-running project in Kenya (established in 1997), where it runs a vitally needed health clinic and supports local education and farming projects.

Today, Life Europe AB operates in 345 stores across Sweden, Norway and Finland where it is firmly established as the region’s leading health chain. Embracing the latest online retail technology, while continuing to offer the friendly face-to-face experience that it is known for, Life Europe AB is perfectly placed to thrive and grow – and help its customers find balance – in the next 25 years!

Organic Retailer of the Year

Winner: Coop Danmark

The first winner of the Organic Retailer of the Year is a retailer who in 2014 took on an ambitious goal to double organic in Denmark by 2020. Initiatives included introducing many new product lines and reducing prices on many organic products, a process which has continued to develop.  All the company’s store chains– Irma, Kvickly, SuperBrugsen, Dagli’ Brugsen, Fakta and Onlinesupermarktedet, have played a big part in the journey.

Not only has Coop Danmark introduced the mainstream public to organic products, but by launching an initiative together with Økologisk Landsforening (Organic Denmark) to help farmers convert to organic production, they take responsibility for the whole value chain “from farm to table”.

They should also be recognised for being one of the first retailers in the world to introduce organic products into mainstream supermarkets in 1981. They consistently perform well with organic sales across their supermarket chains and represent 44% of the overall sales of organic products in Denmark, which is more than the fair share of the general market share of 33%.