Who’s Who in Green Beauty 2019

Who’s Who in Green Beauty Scandinavia is an initiative launched by Eco Life Scandinavia and NOC Sweden to reward individuals who, in their work and/or private life have contributed to an increased use of green beauty products in Scandinavia. We think it’s time to focus on the high-flyers who never tire of championing true green beauty and showcasing what it stands for to the Scandinavian region.

Many thanks to our fantastic judges: Susanne Hovenäs from NOC Sweden, Nina Kluge from Kosmetikk Denmark, Maria Varon from Proluonnon Kosmetiika, Dominic Roberjot from Natural Products Global and Kristine Rodland from Kosmetikk Norway.

During a ceremony that celebrated the top ten individuals, an overall winner was announced was announced on the 13th November 2019 in the Natural Beauty Theatre at Eco Life Scandinavia.

Overall Winner

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph

Founder and CEO, Rudolph Care

Andrea has worked hard to offer a wide range of consumer friendly natural and organic products. She has a lot of influence in Denmark with a credible backstory which she shares in a very open and convincing way. Her influence is incredible, and she has managed to combine luxury with organic to create a comprehensive skincare range available to consumers.

The Finalists


Agneta Elmegard

Beauty blogger and journalist at Aftonbladet

Agneta has been a voice for the green beauty industry for more than 20 years. She is an independent, competent and passionate journalist with plenty of experience, and an ability to educate, inform and inspire newcomers as well as the already enlightened audience. So many people are inspired by her words, passion and invaluable tips.


Pernilla Rönnberg

Founder and CEO, Estelle & Thild

Pernilla founded Estelle & Thild in 2007 and it was one of the first Swedish brands to be certified with Ecocert. She has, throughout the years, continued to develop the brand and has a mission to bring organic and vegan beauty to the masses.


Anne Frølund

CEO, Reanne ApS

Anne brought Jurlique to the northern hemisphere at a time when natural and biodynamic were unknown words in the beauty industry in Scandinavia. Now celebrating 25 years in Denmark, she is a pioneer in the industry across the Nordic region and is devoted to organic brands.


Linda Pop Pedersen

Owner, Pure Shop ApS

Linda Pop Pedersen has concentrated on selling only high quality natural cosmetic brands with an ethos of being easily accessible for the consumer. She is a true spokesperson for sustainable green beauty and dedicated to finding the most natural and organic beauty products.


Diana Carey

CEO & Owner, NatureSource


Tanja Gregersen & Tine Svendsen 

Co-Founders, Miild AS Denmark


Emma Bergqvist

Founder and Owner of Tree of Brands


Hannah Sjöström

Journalist and Founder of Naturligt Snygg: The Green Beauty Shop


Susanne Schou

Assistant Director, Helsam A/S