Exhibitor Case Study

Success Story: Catapult Cat

Catapult Cat is a startup company coming from Finland who exhibited at the show for the first time in 2017. We have developed an innovative food supplement product, which prevents people from having a hangover after drinking alcohol. As we are currently developing the markets it was vital for us to find the right place to launch our product internationally. Eco Life Scandinavia in Malmö was recommended to us as a show we should attend, as it is a well organised event and it attracts major organisations from many different countries.

As a startup company we were impressed by the hospitality and how much attention was paid to us by the organiser, Diversified UK. They put a lot of effort into maximising the publicity of our brand and product before, during and after the exhibition. We were also impressed by the amount of visitors during those two days. And what is important, the visitors were the right people from the right companies.

Catapult Cat
  • What type of companies did you meet at the show?

The show was a huge success for us and we had meetings and discussions with more than 200 visitors during those two days. Out of these discussions we gained followup meetings and are currently negotiating with more than twenty different countries to start to work with. We signed our first international distribution agreement in mid-January, eight weeks after the exhibition. Since the exhibition we have already signed agreements for entering nine different countries and believe the rest will be signed early 2018.

In addition to the show, we found that Diversified’s website Natural Products Global has impressive and effective webpages. Our company was introduced on those webpages and even before the show started, we were contacted by tens of distributors and re-sellers worldwide. This continues and currently we are getting contacted by companies, who find us on that website.


  • Why is Eco Life Scandinavia an important event for the Nordic market?

Eco Life Scandinavia is well organised and seems to have gained a leading position as an event not to miss. For those companies who are interested in developing their business network it is vital to join this event. Especially for food supplement organisations this show is a good place to learn what is going on in this industry and where you stand with your own brand and product.


  • What are your expectations for the 2018 event?

This event was a huge success for us and it helped us with our distribution channel development. Out of our experiences in the past, this exhibition stood out as truly well organised and effective for both exhibitors and visitors.

Pekka Hokka, CEO, Catapult Cat Pty Ltd, Finland

Success Story: Lavinia Trade

LAVINIA TRADE offers you an exclusive and high-quality alternative for plastic sponges and body scrubbers containing microplastic. Organic, Fairtrade and sustainable!

  • Why did you choose to exhibit at Eco Life Scandinavia?

Considering Eco Life Scandinavia’s importance in the market and size it seemed to be the logical choice, being a newly started Danish company offering sustainable products.

  • What was your main goal exhibiting at the show?

My main goal was to be seen and to get in contact with potential costumers. Also, I wanted to get first-hand reactions to the products which were very positive. Networking with other exhibitors, exchanging ideas and experiences was a great pleasure.

  • What type of companies did you meet at the show?

Mainly buyers from healthcare related shops and clinics.

  • Why is Eco Life Scandinavia an important event for the Nordic market?

I understand that Scandinavian sustainable products are high quality and from a trustworthy source. Potential customers are looking to this region when searching for sustainable products. This event is a great opportunity to see all the products in one place.

  • What are your expectations for the 2018 event?

I expect even more attention to our products as the market are developing very fast and our brand already has a name after participating at NPS 2017.

Yvonne Danielsen, Founder of Lavinia Trade, Denmark

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